Keepin’ It Local.

An experiment in improvisational cooking using chicken thighs and a can of Bronx Brewery Pale Ale turned out to be a bit of a mixed bag. The beer itself wasn’t at fault, mind you, but I had a limited palette of ingredients; the end result was somewhat unbalanced. The pale ale is sharp & forthright, and the dish needed a bit of sweetness from either fresh veg, herbs or fruit.

I marinated the thighs in a combination of ale, garlic, black pepper & salt for a few hours before braising in a large skillet for just under an hour with sliced onions. The pan juices mixed well with sour cream as a sauce for the dish, and there were no leftovers, but I’d like to try again with a wider range of ingredients and make some improvements. Beer isn’t just for drinking, you know!

Staying on the local NYC beer tip, I heard that Sixpoint plans to enter the UK market this March by way of JD Wetherspoon chain pubs. Sixpoint is one of the best beers out of NYC, and definitely one of the more consistent in terms of quality. (New breweries have been popping up like a rash in the outer boroughs over the past year, and the beers aren’t much cop as of yet.) While initially the wee 335ml cans were a disappointing sight (we get 16 oz cans here), Sixpoint brews do have a higher alcohol content than most British beers of a similar type. (By way of comparison, Sixpoint’s new pride & joy Hi-Res is 11.1% ABV!)



  1. I feel like I’m missing out on all this good beer! I wonder if you’ve tried Single Cut, out of Queens? a good friend of mine is involved in it, altho I haven’t tasted it yet (need to make my way East again, and here’s yet another reason).

    • I actually had some Singlecut on my birthday—their black lager (couldn’t tell you the actual name, it just said “SINGLECUT DARK LAGER” on the beer list), which was good.

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