Rock A Little.

Checked out the opening of 24 Karat Gold, an exhibit of Stevie Nicks’ self-portraits using Polaroid cameras and film, earlier this month. It was a far superior presentation to the Blondie/Debbie Harry exhibit, even though both were shown in pop-up spaces. The Harry exhibition aimed for a raw, punk aesthetic but wound up looking weak and sloppy. Shame, because there were some incredible photographs that truly deserved attention. 24 Karat Gold was put together by Morrison Hotel Gallery, who specialize in just this sort of thing and know exactly how to make rock stars look good…

Read the rest over at mine.



  1. This sounds like a great exhibit; just the kind of thing I miss checking out with you! (We’ll do it again, you can be sure…) I like your insights about time in this post, about the sensation of losing time and having too much time – in the same moments. This is so much about what it means to live as a human being on earth; very poignant. Rock on!

    • Always love your feedback, my friend. I was ticked off by the whole “Queen of the selfies” commentary because it was lazy journalism –the exhibit had nothing to do with that. Stevie certainly has had moments of sheer ridiculousness in the ups & downs of her career, but she’s also paved the way for multitudes of female artists to follow. For those with eyes to see, there was much to glean from the exhibit; I’m glad I managed to get some of that across.

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