Cafe Edison.

Jeremiah Moss dropped some heavy news this past Thursday when he mentioned that the Cafe Edison was getting the bum’s rush. Also known as the Polish Tea Room, Cafe Edison is one of the rare dining spots in Times Square for actual New Yorkers — theatre people, working-class folks and those who appreciate a phenomenal matzoh ball soup — mainly due to their reasonable prices, generous portions and ridiculously charming plasterwork.

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  1. I never knew about this place; good to hear that even if it is closing eventually, there is still a good amount of support for the old New York aesthetic. I feel much the same about San Francisco, but while it’s very easy for me to wax nostalgic, the city has changed with no signs of the gentrification abating. Nice that it’s still possible to enjoy both cities as far as walking/public transit, interesting neighborhoods (even tho changing), and wonderful art and architecture. I so appreciate viewing NYC thru your lens, as we share so many of the same values.

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