Keep Your Sunny Side Up.

At long last, I’ve updated! Come ’round and read about 125th Street and Lexington Avenue, or just cock an ear to what I’ve been listening to recently…



  1. I always learn so much from your meanderings, and you write so evocatively I feel as if we are exploring NYC’s ‘hoods and crannies together! Love your depiction of rising out of the subway into the more “rarefied” air on the streets above; into the “opiate pall” where the divine Mr. Reed copped his dope and wrote that classic song! From your vivid descriptions I can almost see the different micro-neighborhoods with their theaters, shops, and street people. Never been to Marcus Garvey Park, and would love to see it; so curious about the geological underpinnings of the City. Save NYC seems like a great group, and hopefully posts like yours will bring more needed (and beneficial) attention to this historic area.

  2. Thanks as always for your feedback, I not only appreciate it but trust your judgement of my writing. Have a fantastic Summer Solstice!

    • You as well! You know, I think this is one of your finest posts; really clear that you’ve taken great care to shape the piece and craft it so finely. Lots of love to you.

  3. A very belated comment here, but a fine post – you always give us the real NYC, written about with genuine love for the city. All power to you!

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