So You Know, It’s Got Soul.

A proper site update is in the works; in the meantime do please check out some recent photos from last weekend’s gig at Saint Vitus Bar. (For those who clicked the latter link – I almost shelled out for that Jaz Coleman spoken word, but had a feeling he was gonna bail.)

Speaking of spoken (chanted?) word, whilst perusing my WP feed I saw this fine blogpost on Van Morrison, focusing on a recent collaboration with Paul Durcan, and thought my fellow poetic peeps would appreciate.


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  1. Great looking bar (with a name I love; remember that band St. Vitus?), and the hair – ALL the hair!!, and how cool learning about a poet I didn’t know before. I do love Van Morrison; funnily enough I just worked on editing a book about Bert Berns, the music producer, who found Van extremely difficult to work with. Interesting his complicated personality – certainly not the only artist (or human!) to have one. Next time I come to NYC, we have to go to that bar together!

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