What I Did On My…Vacation.

Well, it’s been a bit longer between updates than I had expected or hoped. I dislocated my ankle back in July, and I’ve spent most of the Summer and early Fall recuperating, healing and keeping my job situation stable – happily all three have been roaring successes.

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  1. Great news all round, then! And it sounds as if you’ve been using your time wisely. Will be in touch properly soon…

  2. So glad you are on the mend!! (I do recall vividly your spiral break in the 90s, yuck.) Wonderful that you have kept abreast of so much going on in music and art and books in the meantime – I always count on you to update me on people I love and also to turn me on to new things. Have heard great praise about Keith Richards’ book, and also heard that he personally is wonderful – a friend of mine is a longtime stylist and got a gig working with the Stones about a year ago; said Keef is a gem! Lots of love to you…

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