2016: The Shitshow Recedes.

Well, THAT sucked! So glad 2016 is OVER. It was ridiculously stressful, full of heavy space weather, and a lot of people died. Also, geopolitics took a major turn for the worse, in ways that directly affect me and those I care about

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  1. So glad we could visit in 2016 – it was a highlight of my year as well! As with any situation, there are usually more than one side, so I agree that last year was not all bad, neither will be this one. Congrats on your great grades and progress with your studies; I knew you’d do well! I love reading about your goings about town(s) and all the great art, music, and civic life you check out – am there with you in spirit and curious to see the new subway someday! xoxo

  2. So glad you’ve had some positive things happen last year, it’s more important than ever, I think, to highlight these things – we all need to know that there’s chinks of light. I’d be very interested in hearing about your adventures with a digital SLR if you get one!

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