State of the…

So things have changed, here in the States and around the world, since I last updated…

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  1. Well said, my dear friend! Unfortunately, with social media users just seeing posts with similar viewpoints, and not being venue for nuanced political discourse, our problems of division were greatly exacerbated. You’re totally on the money about the Dems screwing up the election – corruption goes on everywhere! – I kept being reminded of how hubris always brings down the heroes in Greek tragedy, and in life too. One thing the Obama campaign did really well in 2008 was go out and talk to everybody, not just his political base, to figure out some commonalities. And somehow, now the candidate who exploits fear and ignorance was able to swoop in by a very narrow margin. I’ve also been wary of the Russia hysteria, not b/c it’s not plausible that there was meddling – which should be investigated – but that it’s an easy distraction; and the last administration did not foster a good relationship with Russia. Important to call them out on human-rights issues like their antigay laws, but also to not act aggressively toward them at their borders, e.g. expanding NATO. Plenty of lessons to learn going forward, thanks for the reminder to keep living, keep up the good fight! You do the same; best of luck with your studies and travels in year to come!

  2. An excellent summary of What’s Going On, and fantastic to hear you’re an A student 🙂 I think the hard truth is that much of the world has swung hugely to the right – and that’s the reason for the Brexit and Trump victories, plus more anti EU noises in other European countries. We’re seeing who’s who now, but that also means that voices of sanity are also getting louder. Really hope to see you later in the year.

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