A quick pop-in during my vacation to wish myself a happy birthday and to fill you in on my week of festivity…


Read the rest over at mine.



  1. Happy birthday, dear old friend! I’d have loved to see the O’Keeffe exhibit with you – am a huge fan also – but absent that, I appreciate reading your keen takes on it. It seems that objects are the new “trend” in museum exhibits; there have been a bunch of interesting books out in the last couple of years, and several museum shows. I just read a NYT article about a new exhibit in NYC of the contents of Maira Kalman’s mother’s closet (at MOMA perhaps?). Interesting to think what the objects say about their makers, their keepers, and their afterwards preservers. I like what you gather from the O’Keeffe one, about her clothing being an extension of her creativity, and all that tying in with her not letting age get in the way of what she wanted to express. Wish I could have seen the Blue show with you too; how I love that color! Did they have any paintings by Japanese artist Hiroshige? He has all those dreamy scenes of water, rain, sky etc. – many involving fantastic shades of blue.

  2. Happy Birthday! Belated, of course, but I hope it was a good one. Am still trying to catch up with my blog reading, so I’ll get the details soonest x

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