Samhain Changes.

It’s been a struggle to update the site this past month; there’s been immense upheaval in both the macro- and microcosms of my life…

…read more over at mine. (Note: the sleepy black cat isn’t mine; s/he lives down the road.)



  1. That’s so frightening about your relatives in PR! There are so many people suffering there, and it’s already been such a long time since Hurricane Maria first hit. I’m hoping they are OK and that your family can get word soon that they are safe. Thanks for acknowledging the CA fires, and for reaching out – your friendship continues to be one of the things that gets me thru tough times like this. As you say, it’s hard enough to live in the now! Sometimes it’s all we can do to get up each day and keep going. Blessed Samhain, dear friend!

  2. If I hear anything re: my relatives, I’ll be sure to update. I’m so glad you & yours were spared from serious damage, and long may your garden grow. ❤ Have a safe, powerful & blessed Samhain!

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