2017: Survival of the Grooviest.

We all know it’s been a rough year. There were some astrological curveballs in the mix – most notably The Great American Eclipse™– but Saturn’s shift into Capricorn just before the Solstice is perhaps the most important, and definitely the heaviest. This is where the rubber hits the road…

…read the rest over at mine. And if you want to know what my other top gig of 2017 was, then check this out.



  1. Love learning about new (and old!) bands from you; thanks for your latest update and recap of last year! Had to laugh reading the bit about “knob-twiddly dad rock”! (and loooove Mike Oldfield!). Can’t wait to give all these guys a listen. Happy 2018, wishing lots of love, creativity, prosperity, and good health to my dear dear friend!!

  2. Wow – loads of stuff I’ve not heard. I especially like the sound of Hermitess, I need to check them out. Music(k) keeps me going during the hard times, too, but I need to keep an eye on present artists rather than depending too much on the past – so I love reading posts like this. Happy New Year!

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