Welcome to the Working Week.

Just a short update to wish everyone a happy (belated) Imbolc/Candlemas, or Groundhog Day if that’s your thing – Staten Island Chuck reckons we’re in for an early Spring!

Also, some good news…

…read the rest over at mine.



  1. Wonderful news (in many aspects) about your new job! Fascinating to read about our old ‘hood; it sounds like it still is a very pleasant, charming (if gentrified) place to be in (and I’m sure the park will always be great). Can’t imagine 3rd, or even 4th Avenue being gentrified! Still recall our friend who lived near 3rd in the 1990s, who was sadly shot by a young boy during a mugging – he survived but was bitter about the area from then on. Glad to hear there are still cool places like the Gate, 200 Fifth, etc.; I love reading of all your cultural goings-on-about-town!

    • I updated the post to show a clip of Perp Walk’s gig that night – slightly shambolic but still fun. Bunny expects there will be more gigs in the Spring!

      The Union Street area is very chi-chi, but there are still affordable places to eat & drink around where I used to live. We had pupusas last night, and I recalled the ones you & I ate on Valencia Street in Frisco.

      • Dreamy! Love pupusas; there’s plenty of places up here that have them, with Sonoma County’s large Latino population, but we haven’t found a place that’s our favorite yet. More tasting to do! Glad you’re still able to find affordable eats/drinks in the old ‘hood in Brooklyn!

  2. I love your tales of NYC and the gigs you go to – they always sound intense and you have so much love for the city, even gentrification can’t destroy it.

    I hope you enjoy Fast-Clean-Cheap. All the editor has received so far is complaints.

    • Not gonna lie, the first thing I did when I cracked it open was read your stories! And they were very emotionally powerful, the strength of the survivor looming large in the 1st & 3rd stories. The 2nd one is more mythical but no less absorbing.

      Has he really only received bad reviews? It feels like such a personal work, especially with all the photos of schoolmates and bandmates…

      • Thank you, I’m glad the stories packed some emotional punch. I think people enjoyed the photography – and I love gig/studio shots, too – but seemed to find criticism easier to make than constructive comments. But these are just in emails to the editor – I would love to see some reviews, good or bad.

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