A short update to let everyone one I’m alive, well and currently taking evening & weekend classes, hence the lack of posts. I’ll finish up the initial round of courses by the end of next month…

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Analog Blues.

Over the past two and a half years, I’ve had a slight crisis of confidence in my photography skills; a close friend of mine says this often happens to creative folks, and not to let it stop me from moving forward.

Concurrent with this feeling, however, has been the closure of so many good film labs in NYC…

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So You Know, It’s Got Soul.

A proper site update is in the works; in the meantime do please check out some recent photos from last weekend’s gig at Saint Vitus Bar. (For those who clicked the latter link – I almost shelled out for that Jaz Coleman spoken word, but had a feeling he was gonna bail.)

Speaking of spoken (chanted?) word, whilst perusing my WP feed I saw this fine blogpost on Van Morrison, focusing on a recent collaboration with Paul Durcan, and thought my fellow poetic peeps would appreciate.